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Why Meditate

Maggie Kelly

It’s time to get off the hamster wheel. But why meditate?

Living from a “To Do List” every day can wear down the most patient and stable of us all. Do you feel at times like you are a pinball in an empty shoebox jumping from one thing to the next, each day the same? Why not give meditation a try?

Every time we turn on the news or scroll through our social media, we are certainly assaulted with stories of conflict or what’s not working in the world. Allowing our senses to be bombarded daily can create a deep and profound disruption and cause deep tension in our bodies and minds. Undoubtedly, this constant assault becomes commonplace. So much so that we aren’t aware of the toll it takes on us and the long-term effect it has.

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Why meditate? We need the physical and mental reprieve from this constant negativity. We need to connect with the beauty and nourishing aspects of life.

By training in mindfulness, we can learn to step out of our daily lives for longer periods of time to recognize the built-up negativity. In sitting quietly and returning to stillness on a regular basis, we will reconnect with our true self that has been covered over by all of life’s ups and downs.

How to Get Started

  • Find a peaceful, quiet space within your home where you can go to sit in stillness each day. It doesn’t have to be for long periods of time to make an impact on your sense of peace.

  • Make the space a little sacred by putting a few things nearby that make you feel at peace. Maybe a candle, a book you love to read a passage from when you have a chance or some special item that brings joy to you.

  • Begin to find stillness in each day by taking a “time out” for yourself. Practice noticing your thoughts and bringing your awareness back to your breathing each time your mind strays into thought. Or when you float away distracted by your thoughts, remind yourself to return to your steady breathing rhythm.

Join us at San Diego’s premier meditation center, Satsang House, for one of our workshops, retreats or meditation courses. We offer a Beginner’s Meditation Package to help you build a solid foundation to your meditation practice. Weekly community meditations are also available to help support your practice and build community.

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