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What You Need to Know about Chakras - Part 2

Maggie Kelly

In last week’s blog, I introduced you to the chakra system. Chakras are the invisible wheels of vibrational energy that sit about 3-4 inches off of our physical bodies. (Please refer to the blog post from last week for more details and information about the importance of our Luminous Energy Field). 

It’s vital to our overall physical, emotional and spiritual health and well-being to keep all of our chakras functioning at their optimum capacity. Negative experiences, past traumas and old stories prevent them from being fully illuminated and spinning in the proper direction. 

In this week’s blog, we will examine two more chakras, the third and the fourth. 

You may recall that each of our chakras vibrate at a certain light frequency just like the colors of the rainbow. The third chakra is the color yellow and is located about three fingers below your belly button. In Sanskrit, this chakra is referred to as the manipura chakra. 

The third chakra governs the abdomen, liver, pancreas and the spleen and is responsible for storing and releasing energy. When in balance and illuminated, it is the color yellow. Glucose is its currency. 

The third chakra is also THE power center of our Luminous Energy Field as it is responsible for replenishing the reserves in the LEF. It is also the seat of our courage, power and expression in the world. When this chakra is balanced and cleared, our family and interpersonal relationships become stable. 

The organ associated with the third chakra is the pancreas. This chakra stores negative or toxic emotions or events that transpired when we were between the ages of 14-21 years old.

If these experiences have gone unresolved, they create a toxic residue on your chakra causing it to become sluggish and dull. 

When this chakra is not functioning at its optimum level, the negative expressions can be felt as gastrointestinal disorders, anorexia, sorrow, pride, ego inflation, neurotic symptoms, low energy, victim mentality, temper tantrums or shame. 

The fourth chakra, located in the center of our chest, is considered the heart chakra or Anahata in Sanskrit and is the color green. This chakra governs our circulatory system, lungs, breasts, and heart and is the seat of asthma and immune deficiencies. 

When this chakra is balanced and illuminated, we experience a deep love of all of creation as opposed to an object focused on sentimental love. It’s the love that is not dependent on another. We also experience hope, the ability to surrender to another, compassion and intimacy in love. There’s a sense of joy and innocence that makes us feel playful and inspired and we accept ourselves. 

This chakra is governed by the thymus gland which is responsible for our immunity. It is also the axis of the chakra system, the very center of our Luminous Energy Field.

When this chakra is out of balance, the negative expressions might look like ego aggrandizement, resentment, selfishness, grief, loneliness, abandonment and betrayal. There will also likely be an inability to show compassion for ourselves. 

It is imperative to our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well-being to have a healthy and illuminated chakra system in the very same way that it is imperative that we eat and sleep well every day. Even though we cannot see our digestion, for example, we know when something is off. In this same way, when our chakra system is out of balance, we experience the kinds of things mentioned above without even consciously understanding the origin. 

Feel free to join Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner Maggie Kelly for a comprehensive assessment of your energetic body (your Luminous Energy Field). In your session, she will determine which chakra/chakras are out of balance and determine which healing process to employ with you during your session together. While everyone is different, sessions are typically 90 minutes in length. Click here for a direct link to her scheduling page. 

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