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What does a Shamanic Energy Medicine Healer Do?

Maggie Kelly

I just returned from a month spent in intensive training in Energy Medicine with a Peruvian shaman of the Andes and several Chilean shamans.

What the heck is “energy medicine”? 

If you know a little bit about Reiki and a little bit about chakras, you may already have a sense of what energy medicine is all about. But some may not. So here is my attempt to at least provide a tiny sense of the overall work of the curandero or healer.

For starters, the human energy field is a mirror of the Earth’s magnetic field which circumnavigates the planet. 

Shamans throughout the Americas rely on their ability to perceive this energetic realm as it relates to the human body. We think we are merely solid bodies and some of us understand we have a soul. But we also have an energetic body as well as a Luminous Energy Field.

In the Inka language the energetic energy field around each one of us is called the popo or luminous energy field. The chakras are part of the Luminous Energy Field. Most believe that chakras are Hindu but just in the same way one has kidneys in Europe as they do in the US, every living being has chakras. This includes deer, crickets. Squirrels and humans. Even trees have chakras. 

Chakras in South America are known as “ojos de luz” or eyes of light. In the Western world, we typically work with seven chakras while in other parts of the world, they work with nine or even twelve. Each chakra is associated with a different part of the emotional and physical part of the body and has a different color that represents it. 

For example, we receive impressions of the world through our chakras, perceiving love in our heart, security, fear and danger in our belly (second chakra) and insight in our brow chakra - our third eye. 

In Eastern traditions, there is an assumption that the chakras are contained within the human body. For the shaman/medicine woman, however, the chakras extend luminous threads that reach beyond the body connecting us with the trees, rivers, forests. 

These luminous fibers also extend to the places where we were born and live and to our personal history or destiny. 

The chakras are the actual organs of the Luminous Energy Field. They are swirling disks with wide openings that spin a few inches outside the body. From here, they consume the radiant fuel stored in the luminous body to nurture us spiritually, emotionally and creatively. 

The chakras transmit information of past trauma and pain, contained as imprints in the Luminous Energy Field, in the nervous system. Chakras inform our neurophysiology, affecting our moods and influencing our emotional and physical well-being. The chakras also connect to endocrine glands that regulate all of human behavior. 

When our Luminous Energy Field becomes toxic as a result of environmental or emotional pollutants, the chakras become clogged - like an engine mired in sludge. They build up residues and begin to spin sluggishly, so that they have no energy and become easily irritated or depressed. Eventually they seize up and our immune system breaks down. When our energy reserves become toxic, the chakras convey these toxins to the central nervous system and we can more readily succumb to disease or be in danger of dying as a result. 

How effectively we renew our energy stores can determine how healthy and active we remain. The quality of our luminous energy stores can also influence how we age. 

Equally important to our longevity as lifestyle and diet is to our is the quality of the reserves in the Luminous Energy Field. 

The Luminous Energy Field holds the blueprint of our body and is continuously informed by both the positive and negative incidents that we experience during our lives. 

Unresolved psychological and spiritual traumas become engraved like scratch marks in our luminous fields. These imprints predispose us to live in particular ways and to become attracted to certain people and relationships. They dictate the course of our emotional lives. 

Therapy, while quite effective, cannot clear the LEF. It’s very difficult to change our lifestyle without clearing the imprints in this layer. 

Imprints are formed when the negative emotions that accompany trauma are not healed. And when an imprint is active, it begins pulsing within the Luminous Energy Field. The imprints of physical trauma and disease are etched onto this membrane like designs into glass. 

Crises or emotional stress can trigger the script that’s obtained within the imprint which then begins to play itself out again. The Luminous Energy Field can organize the physical world as readily as they can create disease within the body. 

The primary role of the shaman/medicine woman is to clear the imprints of past traumas, stories and events from the Luminous Energy Field so you can free up your energy body. One of the ways in which the shaman can upgrade our Luminous Energy Field is through what is called the Illumination Process. 

The primary objective of the shaman/medicine woman is to first identify which of the chakras are affected, energetically stuck or sluggish. Once identified, the shaman/medicine woman works energetically with the client to open the blocked chakra, clear the chakra blockage and illuminate it prior to closing it back up. 

Another of the shamans/medicine womens objectives is to “decouple” your fight-flight-freeze response from your central and autonomic nervous system. This is an extremely relaxing and calming process which can take about an hour. Together with the Illumination Process, these two modalities are almost always part of any healing your shaman/medicine woman will perform.

There are several other modalities the shaman/medicine woman can perform with her clients but this is the perfect place to start. 

Now that I am fully trained and ready to practice, I am offering shamanic energy medicine training sessions to my clients. As I practice my new skills, I am offering one hour sessions for $50. If this is difficult for you to manage, you can instead bring a gift as an energetic exchange with me. 

To schedule a session, please click here: https://SatsangHouseScheduling.as.me/ShamanicEnergyHealing

For more details and information, please contact Maggie directly at 858-248-0488.

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