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To Save the Earth, We Have to Heal Ourselves

Maggie Kelly

Naturally, we all want to survive and thrive but our focus needs to shift to the Earth. 

Earth is in crisis. 

If we sit back and think that whatever is going on is “out there” instead of part of the collective experience, we have missed the very fact that we have badly mistreated the Earth. 

Soil is depleted of nutrients and toxified by pesticides and man-made chemicals that pollute our drinking water. Hurricanes, drought, and flooding all reveal disturbances in the planet’s water cycle. Hurricanes are a symptom of disturbed wind. This wind carries toxins from factories into the lungs of people and animals. Plants that can naturally cleanse the air can’t keep up with the amount of pollution we are producing. Uncontrollable wildfires are destroying forests because we haven’t been responsible stewards of the land.

And it doesn’t stop there. I was reading an article recently about how women are disproportionately affected by climate change all over the world; how the climate crisis fuels gender inequality. The climate crisis might be a collective problem, but its impacts don’t fall equally. “It acts as a threat multiplier,” the article said. It essentially finds existing injustices and amplifies them. Women and girls already grapple with gender inequality but when extreme weather devastates a community, inequalities worsen.

Sure, we are all keenly aware by now of the climate crisis, how our weather patterns around the world are becoming increasingly unpredictable, increased incidents of uncontrollable and uncontrolled fires, devastating floods, glacial melting and more. But the effects of climate change also include intimate partner violence spikes, girls being pulled from school to help with the family, daughters married off as young as eleven because the family cannot afford to feed them because they aren’t able to grow the crops they used to sell for income. Or worse, girls being forced from their homes all together for the same reason. This puts them at risk of sexual exploitation and trafficking. 

We can do all the healing work on ourselves that we want and try to bring beauty, peace, and harmony to our families only to be driven out of our home and our familiar lifestyles by the disasters caused by our very own disrespect for Mother Earth.

We are supposed to be stewards of the health of the natural world, which provides us with all of the beneficial microbes that live in our digestive systems, and the sunlight that allows our bodies to produce Vitamin D and contributes to our health and well-being. But we haven’t lived up to our obligations. 

To save the Earth, we have to heal ourselves.

And the irony is that to heal ourselves, we have to save the Earth. This is the very nature of interconnectedness. 

We have to prioritize the well-being of the planet and, after that, its creatures. Only then do we prioritize people - including the ones in our own communities. 

All the therapy and detoxing we do won’t amount to a hill of beans if we have no place to hide from the planet’s upheavals. We’re going to have to let go of some old ways. Slipping back into our old ways of being is easy and seductive but we need to move forward and evolve as a species and create a new way of being. 

You have to become still, observe the naked truth of what you’re doing and why, and witness that you are not alone and unsupported in your desire to help the Earth, humanity AND yourself thrive. 

It can be pretty alluring to hang out on the couch, scroll mindlessly through your phone for hours  on end. The truth is that the big change you say you want is very different from the one you need.

The transformation you seek is not going to be other people and situations altering themselves to meet your needs or your ideas about how things “should” be. None of us can afford to sit back and hope that things will change; that some politician or other person will miraculously heal planet Earth. 

The transformation you seek is going to be your own transformation. 

Are you ready to let go of your preconceived notions of yourself and your future?

Are you ready to empower yourself to take action to live an awakened life of passion, meaning and purpose?
One of the most powerful aspects setting coaching apart from traditional therapy is your generative involvement in your own transformation. In collaboration with Maggie Kelly, you will be supported in creating a personalized Action Plan and held accountable for its fulfillment. Your commitment and consistency are key to your progress throughout this life-altering journey.
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