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Thinking is Expected in Meditation

Maggie Kelly

I can't tell you how many of my students tell me they "can't meditate." They tell me their mind won't stop chattering. Do you feel the same way? Let me debunk one of the biggest myths about meditation and mindfulness: you AREN'T SUPPOSED TO STOP THINKING in meditation!! The fact that you have attempted meditation and noticed all of the chatter indicates that you are on the path toward a healthy meditation practice!  The path begins with you actually noticing.

In meditation, we don't want you to stop thinking! Instead, we want you to begin to notice all of the internal dialog that goes on in your mind. This will allow you to become aware of just how much your internal dialog is really running the show. Once you are able to notice and become aware, you have a fighting chance of retraining your "monkey mind" to settle down and settle in to the restful awareness that is meditation.

Mantra Meditation

That's where mantra meditation can come in handy! Using a mantra (literally translated meaning "vehicle for the mind,") gives your mind a place to land as opposed to more thought to pursue while you are in stillness.

The practice of meditation dates back thousands of years and is just now starting to take hold in the West. The changes you will experience through a regular and dedicated practice will be subtle but quite profound. Once you settle in to the practice of using a mantra to assist you in settling your busy mind, you will open the door to the peace and tranquility of your inner Self that is already and always there. The silence is always there, we are the ones who leave it.

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