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The Endless Tug of War

Maggie Kelly

One of the greatest benefits of meditation is it allows us to stop the insanity of our daily lives. Have you ever stopped to notice how we are caught up in an endless tug-of-war with the way things are? 

Think about how easy it is to be driven out of the present moment by our own likes and dislikes. 

When something uncomfortable happens, we push it away or we move out of its way.

When something happens that we enjoy, we do our best to increase it or make it last. 

Subconsciously, we don’t let the moments pass easily.

We primarily live in our own little mental universe that is occasionally interrupted. Often by our need to check our email or text messages!

As much as we claim we want to stay in touch with others, it comes at the very costly expense of being removed from ourselves. 

What if instead of joining in on the endless tug-of-war, we try to counter these habitual tendencies? You know the ones. Pulling up a mindless news story or video as we sit waiting in the doctor’s office, keeping our phones on vibrate or notification mode so we don’t miss one single notification even when it interrupts a conversation we’re in the middle of with someone else, our attention or our thoughts.

Meditation begins by asking us to rest our minds and our bodies and to actually begin to pay attention to, rather than ignore, not only the shifting physical sensations in our bodies but also the mindless and seemingly never-ending internal dialog. 

The fundamental purpose of meditation is not to create a comfortable hiding place for yourself! Instead, it is to acquaint your mind with the very nature of impermanence. It’s only then that the tug-of-war with the way things are - and the way things are NOT - will cease. 

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