“I became less of a talker and more of a listener.”

Practicing meditation helped me become a better listener to my husband and children. I became less of a talker and more of a listener, less consumed with the thoughts that were running through my mind, and was able to focus more on the present moment. My husband and children started to come to me more often to tell me about their day and to share what was on their mind. I started paying attention to the way I spoke, the words I said as I was saying them, and the tone of my voice and was able to consciously adjust those during our conversations. 



“I am more calm and collected now.”

I wanted to get better at meditation and I wanted somebody knowledgeable to discuss all the mindfulness books I am reading. Although it is an ongoing practice, I definitely getting better everyday thanks to Maggie guidance. I am more calm and collected now, and I would describe the transformational changes I am going through as "salvation". Maggie's advice also helped me in other aspects of my personal life that I am struggling with.

— Bassam Omar



I felt stuck and unfulfilled in my life. I desperately wanted a new life and a new adventure but something was blocking me from moving forward. 

Maggie's Tree of Life Modality helped me to trace back through generations and gain clarity on why I believed I wasn't enough or that standing in my power and having a voice was looked down upon.

— Tricia


“Beautiful spiritual location to meditate”

Maggie offers a beautiful spiritual location to meditate and create new experiences. Maggie's approach to coaching through meditation is unique and is a great option for those going through a change or looking for change in their lives.

— S.F.


“Life changing work in the most stunning and peaceful setting”

What an amazing experience. Maggie Kelly does life changing work in the most stunning and peaceful setting. I highly recommend that you contact her to see what I am talking about!

— Z.T.


“Great direction which lead me to the answers I was looking for”

I started the program in the mindset of “Maggie will have the answers,” but in reality, I had the answers all along, I just didn’t know how to be honest with myself. Maggie provided great direction which lead me to the answers I was looking for. The program is over but the experience is not. Is will always be a challenge, but a healthy one.  

— P.M. on the Reignite Your Life Coaching Program