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Mantra Meditation Course (Personalized)

  • Satsang House 4523 Sun Valley Road Del Mar, CA 92014 (map)

Delve into the ancient practice of mantra based meditation with Satsang House’s signature personalized Mantra Meditation Course. Led by expert certified meditation and integrative life coach Maggie Kelly, you will be taught the basics and benefits of meditation as well as how meditation can help restore you to wholeness in body, mind and spirit.

Using your birth date, time and location, Maggie will calculate your personal mantra. This is the sound vibration the Universe was making at the time you came from the unmanifest into the manifest and the most powerful mantra for you.

You’ll learn the tips, tools and tricks on how to make meditation a lifelong practice and how to avoid the common pitfalls that new meditators sometimes encounter.

A light lunch will be served at our break midway through the course. This will give you a chance to also explore the stunning grounds of Satsang House, walk the Reflexology Path or otherwise enjoy some time in the beautiful surroundings.

We’ll return from lunch for a deeper discussion into the Seven States of Higher Consciousness and discuss how you may achieve these states through your regular practice of meditation.

We’ll conclude with a silent, mantra-based meditation using your personal mantra.

It is suggested that you return to Satsang House regularly for Community Meditation for support in creating a lifelong practice and connecting with this beautiful like-minded community.

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