HEALTH: For the overall health and well-being of our beautiful community, we request that you consider joining us at another time if you are not feeling well. Some members of our community are experiencing autoimmune diseases, cancer, and other chronic illnesses. For them to contract even a simple cold can mean weeks or months of recovery time and sometimes, hospitalization. 

CREATING A RESPITE FOR ALL: In the interest of maintaining the silence, peace and tranquility of our community, cell phones are not permitted at any time on the grounds of Satsang House™. Take this time to let go of your busy and hectic life and disconnect if only for a little while. Kindly leave your phone in your car prior to joining us.

BEING MINDFUL: Upon arrival, please remove your shoes. Allow yourself to be grounded to the earth, take a walk in the beautiful gardens or on the reflexology path. Sit and listen to the birds.

Kindly refrain from wearing heavy perfumes or colognes as some of our visitors are sensitive or allergic to certain fragrances. 

Thank you so much in advance for your consideration.