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A Deep Relaxation Meditation

Maggie Kelly

You certainly don’t need me to tell you how stress accumulates in your body. The way we eat, drink and live takes its toll on our bodies, minds and well-being to be sure. Deep relaxation meditation is an opportunity for our body to rest, to heal, and to be restored.

Today, I offer you a short, ten-minute deep relaxation meditation recorded meditation. In it, we will relax our body and give attention to each part in turn, and send our love and care to each and every cell.

If you are someone who has difficulty sleeping, deep relaxation can compensate. Lying awake on your bed, you may like to practice total relaxation and follow your breathing in and breathing out. Sometimes, this can help you fall asleep. The practice will still be quite beneficial even if you don’t sleep because deep relaxation nourishes you and allows you to rest.

With rest comes healing.

So settle in, lay comfortably on the floor, on your bed, or anywhere you feel most comfortable. Allow about ten minutes for this meditation.


Please feel free to join us at Satsang House to practice more relaxation meditation.

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