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A New Perspective

Maggie Kelly

Let's work toward a new perspective!

"No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it. We must learn to see the world anew."
- Albert Einstein

I am blessed to have many amazing people come into my life on a daily basis. Many feel the way I've felt in my past. Does this sound familiar to you too? A little disillusioned with what their life's purpose is, looking to change things up a bit, ready to shift old limiting beliefs and conversations, hoping to reinvent themselves or just shake the rug out.

When I teach people how to incorporate mindfulness and meditation into their daily lives or work with people on a private basis, we are basically operating from Einstein's premise. First, through the ancient practice of mindfulness and meditation, we are able to begin to settle our internal dialog and reconnect to our intuitive wisdom. As a result, we connect to our higher self and higher purpose for our lives. Consequently, our creative self re-emerges and we can address those overarching questions that guide every decision in our lives. In this stillness, we can listen to the answers that are already inside us. Essentially, creating a new level of consciousness from which to resolve some of our greatest questions.

Join us at Satsang House, San Diego’s premier meditation center, to learn how to set a solid foundation of mindfulness into your daily life. Or consider coming to one of our classes or signing up for an online course!

I look forward to welcoming you soon to help you grow your new perspective!

Are you ready to let go of your preconceived notions of yourself and your future?

Are you ready to empower yourself to take action to live an awakened life of passion, meaning and purpose?
One of the most powerful aspects setting coaching apart from traditional therapy is your generative involvement in your own transformation. In collaboration with Maggie Kelly, you will be supported in creating a personalized Action Plan and held accountable for its fulfillment. Your commitment and consistency are key to your progress throughout this life-altering journey.
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