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Aging into my forties, I found myself confronted with the daily stress of raising two children and somewhere in my heart, feeling a pull to figure out what I wanted for myself beyond motherhood. One of my children was born with a chronic illness requiring me to be on the ready for numerous doctor visits, many trips to the pharmacy, phone calls to insurance and the daily administration of medication and medical treatments. While I knew my most important role and desire in the younger years of my children’s lives was to be on hand for them daily and this is where I found my deepest fulfillment, I was conflicted as most mothers sometimes are with the pull to work and be home for the children. At that time, I felt a seemingly never-ending daily stress and knew I needed to shift things or I might run myself permanently into the ground. I was a mess really. Exhausted all of the time, impatient, anxious, probably depressed. I was a difficult person to be around most of the time. I felt I was called for a respite, a time out from the stress that seemed to be consuming me then. And I never dreamed that respite would come in the form of meditation.

As I settled into a routine of meditating twice a day every day, I started to notice that my life was starting to settle down along with it. I wasn’t as quick to anger, I became more patient, understanding and compassionate. I started to feel more compassion and joy, more peace and tranquility. The things that used to bother me most days no longer seemed to stir me up. My awareness heightened about all things - nature, others, the daily business of living. I noticed that on the days when I didn’t meditate, I felt unsettled. It became apparent that as meditation became a part of my daily routine, the benefits were tangible. People in my life started to notice that something about me had shifted and settled down. Meditation was ingrained in my daily life and had become the key to establishing my awareness and sense of peace.

Creating Satsang House has been the realization of my dream to create a thriving and supportive meditation community full of like-minded individuals searching for a respite from the stress and chaos of daily life and looking to enrich their spiritual lives. In Buddhist traditions they would call this a "sangha." 

I hope you will gather together with us for an Introduction to Meditation, a Silent Retreat, Community Meditation or event or one of my personalized coaching programs. I look forward to welcoming you into our beautiful sangha. 





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