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Meditation Will Help Sleep

Maggie Kelly

Many of us live in a state of chronic sleep deprivation, which increases our stress levels and irritability. Scientific studies have found that meditation is an effective therapy for insomnia. This can help you get the restful sleep that is vital to physical and emotional health. The good news is, meditation will help sleep!

When you meditate, your brain produces more brain waves that promote deep relaxation. These include Alpha and Theta brainwaves, which are associated with deep relaxation. After meditation practice, you bring this sense of greater calm with you into your activities, allowing you to stay more centered in the face of life’s inevitable difficulties. Then when it’s time to sleep, instead of ruminating about what happened earlier in the day, you are more likely and more able to drift off to sleep and stay asleep. It's a great thing to know how and WHY meditation will help sleep.

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