Creating Mindfulness in Your Daily Life - Secret #3

Something I hear a lot is: “I am so busy, I don’t have time to meditate!”  

But ... you have time to peruse your Facebook page for a half hour each day, right?

You have time to watch that show you love?

It’s time to put yourself first and incorporate a new habit into your day where you take the time to take care of YOU!

So, in our last two emails, I shared two secrets (secret #1 and secret #2) to help put you on a path to freedom where you can find your true purpose and reignite your life! Now I want to share one last secret.

This may feel weird or uncomfortable at first because we’ve become so conditioned to moving at warp speed throughout our days, but taking time out for YOU is truly vital to your overall health and well-being.

Secret #3 - Create awareness without sacrificing your time or priorities. Practice becoming an observer.

Without judgment of any kind, pick one of your five senses today. Let’s say today you pick your sense of smell. Begin the practice of tuning into anything and everything you smell today and just notice.

What do you smell?

The saltwater from the ocean? The scent of a flower floating in the breeze?

Wet pavement after rain? Chicken roasting?

Just notice.

Tomorrow, pick another one of your five senses.

What does it feel like to pet your dog, chew that sugary piece of bubble gum, listen to that silent space between the birdsong? Hear the bee buzzing past you?

You don’t have to do this for the entire day, just allow a half hour a day. This practice is yet another simple way to begin to cultivate awareness in your daily life.

It will begin to train you to simply pause for a moment in your day and become an observer. In becoming an observer, you are beginning to observe yourself observing as opposed to getting caught up in that internal dialog. 

You may find that you begin to rediscover your own house, your own garden, neighborhood, husband, friend or food. Perhaps you may begin to notice something that’s been there all along that you overlooked.