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Manifest Your Destiny: How To Set An Intention

Maggie Kelly


Setting an intention is one of the simplest, most powerful ways to create change in your life. We may have all the desires in the world, but without being purposeful in our pursuit of them, life ends up leading us down a path that we may not want to be on. Whether it’s intentions for manifestation, manifesting the things you desire, or reaching your goals, intention setting will help you to move closer to making these dreams a reality. 

Harnessing the power of intention setting will keep your attention on the present and keep you connected to your destiny. Read on to discover more about what you can do to manifest your destiny, how you’ll benefit from quieting your mind, and the true power of setting intentions. 

Benefits of Discovering One's Destiny

Each of us has something that drives us in life, lights us up, and makes us feel alive. This purpose that is inside of us invites us to connect with it so that we can live the fullest life possible and then go on to share this light with the world. Discovering your purpose, or destiny, is part of the personal growth journey and allows us to not only discover our truth but live it too. Setting intentions can help us to stay focused as we become more aligned with this path of destiny. 

The Importance of Meditation and Intention Setting in Discovering Destiny 

Gaining clarity is essential for understanding one’s true path or destiny. There are a number of ways that meditation and intention setting can help you to live more purposely and achieve your goals and that is one of the MAIN goals of Satsang House. Here are a few reasons these are both important factors and ways you can use them to manifest your destiny:

  1. Clarity of Thought 

A huge part of discovering one’s destiny lies in being able to drown out the external noise that we are surrounded by. The answers we seek are always within, but often we don’t sit still enough to be able to hear them. Meditation can be a powerful tool to help quieten the mind and allow you to focus on setting daily intentions towards your dreams. 

  1. Surrender the ‘how’

Typically as humans, we like to feel in control and want to know the details every step of the way. Meditation is great for keeping us centred and allowing us to release any need to know all the details. Once you’ve gained the quiet space you need and have set the intention to move towards your purpose, let go of any notions of ‘how’ you will get to where you want to be. 

  1. Let go of any desired outcome

As much as we may set good intentions for something that we believe is right for us, our higher self will always know our true path. When we let go of any fixed ideas about how things should look for us, it opens us up to other opportunities coming our way. Use meditation to reinforce the belief that everything always works out as it should. 

  1. Trust the Universe

Intention setting is like putting in an order with the Universe. It sets things in motion and allows the Universe to begin aligning the paths ahead. Your job is to trust that you have sowed the seeds with your positive intention and that the right opportunities will open up to you on your path to fulfilling your destiny.

Why is Intentional Meditation so Powerful?

Meditation practice gives us the headspace to be able to really focus on our dreams and desires. Using this time to set an intention maximises the potential for focus, as our attention will be in the present moment. Meditation with intention is thought to increase our ability to really hone in on finding out what our destiny is. When you use this quiet time intentionally, the body and mind become connected, and you will experience a more powerful outcome. 

Navigating Your Path to Understanding Destiny

It takes much courage to step forwards on the path of understanding your destiny. As you journey towards the unknown, here are some helpful pointers that you can use to guide you on your way:

  1. Cultivating the Right Mindset

Before diving into any practice, mentally commit to the journey. Understanding one's destiny is a profound journey, and it may require time, patience, and perseverance to reach where you want to be. It can also be helpful to practice gratitude when wanting to strengthen your mindset. 

  1. Setting your intention

If you’re wondering how to set an intention, then it’s a lot simpler than you might think. What would you like to achieve? How do you want to feel? Setting an intention can help you create actionable steps 

During meditation, you might decide that your intention is, ‘I release anything that no longer serves me.’ A simple but powerful statement that sends a message to the Universe, and allows you to focus on moving forwards without any negative energy you may be holding onto. 

  1. Make it a habit

Getting into the habit of making your intentions a part of your life is a simple way to manifest your destiny. You might like to set daily intentions, write your intentions down, or use them as inspiration to help you in setting goals. Using intentions every day, and trusting in the process, will help you to create the purposeful life you dream of. 

Key takeaways

Intentions are a powerful way to manifest your destiny. When you start to introduce the power of intention into your daily life and into mindful practices such as meditation, the Universe will begin to organise things as they should be. The key is to tune into what feels right for you, let go of any expected outcomes, and allow destiny to cross your path. 

Ready to Manifest your Destiny?

If manifesting your destiny has ever felt challenging, it can be helpful to work with a spiritual coach who can guide you in discovering your deeper purpose. This is Maggie Kelly's specialty! She is passionate about helping YOU manifest your destiny.

Thank you to today's guest writer on the blog, Gareth Michael, for sharing these insightful and inspirational moments!

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