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How Meditation Connects You to Your True Self

Maggie Kelly

From a spiritual perspective, the ultimate purpose of meditation is to reawaken you to your true self. This is almost impossible when we are caught in a cycle of chronic stress. As you settle into regular meditation, you might notice a sense of calm and a decrease in stress levels. As your practice deepens, the additional beauty of a consistent meditation practice is a spiritual one. Meditation connects you to your true self.

Although it’s natural to identify yourself with your body, mind, thoughts, emotions, personality, roles you play, possessions, accomplishments and job titles, these attributes are not who you really are. Your true self is pure, unbounded consciousness that transcends space and time. The attributes in this field of infinite possibilities include happiness, love, compassion, creativity, wisdom, peace, silence and grace.


Deepak Chopra loves to say that we are not human beings having a spiritual experience rather we are spiritual beings having a human experience. We’ve just forgotten that. Meditation helps us to return to a sense of wholeness in body, mind and spirit.

When you spend time in the inner silence of meditation the connects you to your true self, you begin to have a spontaneous experience of the attributes of your true self. Instead of getting stuck in constricted awareness, which limits your possibilities, you experience expanded or pure awareness, which is the field of all possibilities. This awakening to your true self is usually gradual. Little by little, you release the stress and limiting thought patterns that obscure your awareness of your essential nature, which is always there, shining brightly. It's that silent space between our thoughts.

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