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How Do You Stay in the Present Moment?

Maggie Kelly

Are you feeling fragmented? Scattered? Sluggish? Are you able to stay in the present moment?

I can feel the seasons changing. I sense the onset of a slower, more sluggish time of year descending as the weather changes to fall. 

But for some of us, this sense of sluggishness and feeling scattered isn’t merely seasonal. Instead, it’s all-pervasive. Sometimes, it’s even immobilizing. It may feel as though you just can’t quite get centered or if you are, it doesn’t seem to last. It’s that scattered feeling or even internal dialog that becomes pervasive. It can easily stand in the way of us getting much done or of completing something we’ve begun. 

We’ve become fragmented. 

This feeling of being off center signifies that our head and heart have somehow become disconnected. Our thoughts, actions and speech are no longer on the same page. We have strayed from the present moment. 

When we sense this feeling, it is one of the most important reasons to either adopt or deepen your spiritual or meditation practice. Without inserting this pause, what invariably happens is that we enter a new experience with the clutter of scattered thoughts and leave the experience with even more cluttered thoughts. It’s like an experience stew.

It’s as though we are dragging life’s leftovers with us from one situation to the next because we haven’t taken the time, I like to say, to “land” in any one place long enough to catch up to our experiences. 

We end up everywhere but feel as though we are literally nowhere. We cannot stay in the present moment.

Instead of entering new experiences feeling relaxed, grounded and open, we instead arrive feeling anxious, hurried, and frazzled. Then we leave the situation cluttered, messy and already rushing off mentally to the next thing instead of just stopping to take in the moments we’ve just experienced. 

Practice slowing down and giving each thing your undivided attention.

Hurrying, multi-tasking, and busyness which are all symbols of success in our culture, murder the present moment. 

Make honest and full contact with each moment so there is nothing lost and no regrets. And no residue you’re bringing with you. 

Meet each moment and each person with a clean slate. 

Join us every Sunday at our Community Meditation & Gathering as we pause and create space for the present moment at Satsang House.

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