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Happiness is Not Out There

Maggie Kelly

Many of us search for happiness in a job title, the size of our bank accounts or our house, the type of car we drive or the vacations we can take. Have you ever noticed that when you finally acquire or achieve the things you think will make you happy, somehow it just doesn’t do the job? It can be a tough realization to find that happiness is not out there.

Changing our outer circumstances is not the path to happiness. Genuine happiness comes from healthy states of mind and from your gracious heart. In short, it comes from within.

As we continue our journey during these crazy and uncertain times, we may be finding ourselves squirming to find stability, certainty, and comfort. We may also notice that some of our habitual ways to find comfort that used to work for us, no longer do making us all the more anxious and uncomfortable.

This week, I invite you to practice investigating the delusion of happiness in your own life. Where have you been grasping and searching for it outside yourself? Can you instead look inward and question why happiness may not be coming from within you? Can you begin to confront this truth for yourself? Perhaps THIS VIDEO would be helpful in providing a deeper look inward.

This is the perfect opportunity to reassess where you look for happiness. Perhaps it's time to check inside.

I am here to support you in your practice. Please reach out directly at maggie@maggiekelly.com if I can assist you in any way.

Satsang House also offers many courses, classes, and community gatherings to help aid you on your spiritual journey!

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