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Gratitude...(Plus FREE Gratitude Journal)

Maggie Kelly

How in the world was last week already Thanksgiving? This year has zoomed by (but thankfully, not on Zoom every day, lol!) I took some much-needed time with family and friends to reflect on all that we have to be grateful for. I hope you did the same. Gratitude is good for the soul.

While there are many areas of my life for which I am grateful, I'm most grateful to have my business back up and running in person and to have met so many incredible souls this year. What are some things that you are grateful for this year? Have you spend time meditating and being mindful this year? Focusing on being present? If not, I would certainly encourage you to take some time now, and create space to do so in the future. I am position you will find many things change for the better in your life as you practice these things.

One thing I'm mindful of is that Thanksgiving doesn't just happen on the third Thursday of November each year but can happen each and every day. Particularly in the moments when we find ourselves down or feeling as though life just isn't going according to plan, stopping to take time out to consider what you're grateful for is one quick way to bring you back to the reality of how great your life is going.

May your Holidays be rich with gratitude, thanksgiving, and personal growth and peace.

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