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Discovering You Have No Idea Who You Are

Maggie Kelly

There are two levels of truth, both equally valid depending on your point of reference. The first is relative truth, which essentially says that reality and self-existence can be attributed to objects and to people; that you are someone and hope to grow up and become more truly yourself. The second level of truth is absolute truth; this idea that everything is empty of the self.  Some see this as a reason to despair, as if they have no place to stand, no ground on which to plant themselves.

In Western culture, most of us have been told that if we do not know who we are, there’s a problem that needs to be solved. Or we’re told we should go to a therapist to help us figure it out. A psychologist can then help us discover who we are and what we want to be instead or help us improve upon who we are in some way. 

But in Tibetan Buddhism, it’s the complete opposite.

When you discover that you have no idea who you are, it’s time for a celebration!


For many of us, this idea of nonbeing is difficult to grasp. We live in a world where people often concern themselves on how to present the best curated version of themselves and how others see them rather than on simply staying present in the moment, waiting to see what emerges in the space between breaths. 

In meditation, when we spend time in a state beyond selfness and selfishness in a void of potential that turns out not to be truly empty but filled with possibility, it literally begins to rewire our brain and helps us to rid ourselves of old programming. The more your meditation practice becomes a regular and dedicated practice, the more you notice that you no longer find yourself automatically falling back into old ways when you get triggered by a situation that seems familiar. Your conflicts with your typical so-called problems are completely different because you have changed. You no longer feel the rush to anger, the adrenaline rush that you used to feel. You start looking at all of the other people in your life with new eyes. It’s a new you emerging who can observe your fears as well as that of others, where once you would have only seen one another’s anger and aggression. At this stage, your new “skin” doesn’t feel quite so strange as it did before. You begin to recognize it as your own and you can see how you truly are transforming. 

And it feels good.

Are you ready to let go of your preconceived notions of yourself and your future?

Are you ready to empower yourself to take action to live an awakened life of passion, meaning and purpose?
One of the most powerful aspects setting coaching apart from traditional therapy is your generative involvement in your own transformation. In collaboration with Maggie Kelly, you will be supported in creating a personalized Action Plan and held accountable for its fulfillment. Your commitment and consistency are key to your progress throughout this life-altering journey.
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