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February 6, 2024
Obstacles to your Spiritual Path

One of the biggest obstacles to our spiritual path is our ego. Typically, anything that might promote change is immediately and effectively beaten back by the ego until it no longer exists. 

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January 10, 2024
The 2024 Upgrade

Whatever you have on repeat becomes  your reality - what you look at every day, your thoughts, what you read, what you listen to, talk about and tell yourself.  It’s a sort of “repetition reality".” It’s also why repeating affirmations is so effective and why looking at a vision board over and over again is […]

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March 21, 2023
Let Go of Control

Where in your life are you holding on for dear life thinking that if you let go, somehow things will either fall apart or that you will never obtain whatever it is you are searching for? 

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January 31, 2023
The Importance of Setting Intentions

Some of us mistake setting intentions with goal-setting. There’s no time like the new year where that becomes more glaringly apparent.  As we move further into the year, we may have noticed that those things we wanted to change about ourselves or our habits this year haven’t yet begun to materialize.  Why is that? Goals […]

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May 24, 2022
The Way You Speak to Yourself Matters.

It’s tough to acknowledge our distress and admit our vulnerability. Instead, it’s so much easier to allow ourselves to fall into whatever story we have been telling ourselves on repeat than to stay with our experience. The way you speak to yourself matters. What are the messages you've been sending to yourself? Take responsibility for the […]

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January 2, 2019
Stress is an Internal Response

Most of us believe that stress is related to and caused by external forces and events beyond our control but in fact, stress is actually an internal response. Stress is really our reaction to those events or circumstances or the perceptions we have about them.

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January 2, 2019
Your Stress Response as a Cause of Disease

It doesn’t have to be a big, life-altering event to trigger your body’s stress response. It can be something as simple as your neighbors dog keeping you up barking all night last night or your kids not getting along for the third day in a row.

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