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Calming Strong Emotions

Maggie Kelly

Painful feelings are part of our experience, the question is, how to cope? These are difficult times to be certain. Beyond a global pandemic, the world has taken to the streets to protest long-standing racial inequality and injustice. Working on calming strong emotions can be difficult, but worth it!

Of course, there is plenty of justification to be outraged and angry. No one can deny that 400 years of injustice is too long. However, if we allow our minds and emotions to get carried away by strong pain over the death of George Floyd, over injustice, over the pandemic, or anything else, our pain only grows stronger.

In no way am I suggesting we minimize the injustice.

Painful feelings are part of all of us, but if we fight those painful feelings, we’re actually fighting ourselves.

Today, practice noticing the painful feelings as they arise, and calm them by going back to your ground state of being. You do this by simply returning to your in-breath and your out-breath.

Repeat this mindful breathing a few times allowing yourself the opportunity to settle any anger or internal upset.

Peaceful breathing has the power to help us in calming strong emotions.

Eventually, with practice, when painful feelings arise, we will have the capacity to remain calm without allowing those feelings to carry us away and make us more agitated.

Pain, irritation, and jealousy are all part of who we are. Just as love, happiness, and joy are.

Practice returning to your ground state of being.

I hope you find this practice helpful.

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Until next time, peace.

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