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Book Maggie to come to your office or place of business for a group Introduction to Meditation. Call 858-248-0488 to schedule.

Want to introduce your company to meditation?

Are you interested in helping your company culture slow down a little bit and get off the proverbial treadmill? Meditation has been proven to help us all settle our physiology and our thoughts so we can respond as opposed to react to all that life throws our way. This is particularly important in the workforce. A regular meditation practice can settle your entire workforce culture and restore a sense of cohesion enabling your crew to return to a sense of teamwork and unity.

Maggie is available to help you plan a corporate Introduction to Meditation session with your co-workers at your place of business. She is also available for special wellness events, annual meetings or conventions. Maggie can lead meditation in small or very large groups.

Call Maggie directly at 858-248-0488 to book.