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Awakening: Permanent or Fleeting? PART 2

he truth involves letting go of those long-held perceptions that keep us imprisoned in patterns of behavior and ways of being which prevent us from living a life of freedom, peace, and joy. Letting go of those beliefs involves looking at ourselves deeply. Understand that for any concrete and lasting change to occur, we have to be willing to change. Without this willingness, we may simply be seeking a change that doesn’t actually involve us!

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Awakening: Permanent or Fleeting? PART 1

Many people come to spiritual practice or learn meditation in an effort to induce positive emotional states or to at least minimize negative emotional states. But those feelings of happiness and joy are byproducts of awakening, not the actual awakening itself. The problem is, as long as we chase the byproducts of awakening, we might miss the real thing.

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Obon: Japan’s Buddhist Festival of the Dead

Within the Japanese Buddhist community, this week marks a special Zen Buddhist celebration across Japan called Obon.

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Can Peace and Suffering Coexist?

Have you experienced times of deep hardship and suffering? It's in those moments that peace can often feel elusive, leaving us asking: can peace and suffering coexist?

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The Importance of Retreating

Like most of us, you probably find yourself scrambling to catch up to your life. It doesn’t matter if it’s with your job, the kids and all of their activities or even the laundry. There never seems to be enough time in any given day to feel somewhat accomplished. And then I realized the importance of […]

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