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A Shift in Perception

Maggie Kelly

As Westerners, we address any difficult issues we have in our communities by coming up with rules and laws, enforcing them, and judging and punishing anyone who breaks them. In this way, our Western world operates on precepts or laws. 

Shamans are instead people of perception, of percepts. They believe that when we change our perceptions, it brings about change in the realm of the everyday. They reframe situations and look at people - including themselves - from another angle to see what was previously hiding from their awareness. 

Shamans believe that we can participate in our own evolution and transform our experiences if we master the art of shifting our perceptions. 

But perceptions involve both what we see as well as how we think about or understand it.

Everything that we perceive is a projection of an internal map of reality that we carry within us - in our mind and in our energy field (prana). 

Shamans say vision can flow in the opposite direction. In other words, rather than interpreting what the eye sees, the mind can create it. 

When we can perceive the invisible world, where things exist in potential before taking shape or form, we can project those ideas into the world of the senses. 

You have the ability to change the map of reality that you carry within you, and this in turn changes the reality you experience as you go about your everyday activities. The ancient sages call this “dreaming the world into being.” They believed that seeing or sight is the act of perceiving reality while vision is the act of co-creating it. 

Think about it, when we walk around saying “I’m not going to get the job” or “he’s not going to recover for a very long time,” or anything along those lines, what we are actually doing is putting our negative prana out into the field of pure potentiality. 

The Universe is listening. 

This week, try to catch yourself when you are about to say something or think something negative, self-defeating, unkind or otherwise. See if you can turn it around with a different perception. Maybe something like “If I don’t get this job, the interview experience was good practice,” “He’s going to take the time his body needs to recover fully in his own time” or something along those lines. 

You know what I mean. Practice shifting your perception. Practice in turn, shifting your internal dialog and practice putting a different kind of prana out into the world. 

Are you ready to let go of your preconceived notions of yourself and your future?

Are you ready to empower yourself to take action to live an awakened life of passion, meaning and purpose?
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