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Meditation instruction, spiritual retreats, workshops, and events.

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A desert oasis located in the stunning mountains of Red Rock country along Cottonwood Creek facing one of Sedona’s most powerful vortexes. Retreats, Workshops, Vacation Rentals.
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Serene and stunning haven for community and personal connection, meditation, transformation and reflection. Private Coaching, Workshops, Retreats, Intros to Meditation and Community Events. Join us at Satsang House Meditation Center and make it your community.
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To Satsang House Meditation and Spiritual Center
The word satsang comes from the Sanskrit word satsaṅga. The literal meaning of satsang is Sat = True and Sang = company. Our mission at Satsang House is to join together in a true, like-minded community to discover and reconnect with the deepest and most meaningful parts of our journey. We very much look forward to welcoming you to Satsang House San Diego or Sedona!
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Maggie Kelly
Life Coach & Spiritual Counselor
logo of satsang house
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