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Have you been thinking about exploring the practice of meditation but not sure how to go about it? Or are you looking for a way to deepen your existing practice and looking for a community of like-minded people to connect with? You just found it! Welcome to Satsang House!


Break through the roadblocks and limiting beliefs stopping you from living the life you envision. Maggie is a special breed of life coach! You will develop a Blueprint of action items you’ll employ to move forward. But it’s not more of the “doing-ness” of your stressful life. You’ll learn and incorporate the ancient practice of meditation and mindfulness as part of the process to reconnect to your innermost self.


Disconnect from the chaos of your busy life and join us for at a retreat or workshop. Our signature Mindset Reset workshop and our Day of Silence Retreat are guaranteed to help you reignite your life, explore new tools and tips using mindfulness and meditation to ease through life's transitions with ease and grace.

Featured Events & Offerings


Personalized Mantra Meditation Course

Delve into the ancient practice of mantra based meditation with Satsang House’s signature Mantra Meditation Course. Led by expert certified meditation and spiritual life coach Maggie Kelly, you will be taught the basics and benefits of meditation as well as how meditation can help restore you to wholeness in body, mind and spirit.


Beginner’s Path to Meditation

This course will teach you the ins and outs of the ancient practice of silent, mantra-based meditation. You will also learn tools to create and sustain a lifelong meditation practice. The Beginner’s Meditation Package includes one 90-minute Meditation Course followed by a 20-minute guided mantra meditation.


Community meditations

Help us build the beautiful community at Satsang House and deepen your practice at the same time! Join us for a weekly guided 20-minute mantra-based community meditation. We’ll begin by connecting with one another over tea and snacks prior to settling in for meditation. Share in the benefits of meditation while enjoying the beautiful surroundings of Satsang House and garner the support you need to deepen and sustain your practice.

Maggie’s Mobile Meditations


Are you looking for a way to build teamwork and help create a stress-free environment at your workplace, community group, or school? Do you have a Corporate Wellness Program? Adding meditation and mindfulness is a great place to start!

Hold either a Guided Group Meditation or an Introduction to Meditation Workshop at your organization. Participants will learn a new tool to help them reduce stress and create an environment that is more responsive and less reactive.

Expert Certified Meditation and Spiritual Life Coach Maggie Kelly has been practicing and teaching meditation for over twelve years. She will come to your place of business or school to teach mindfulness and meditation to groups of any size, from 2 – 100+!


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